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Favorite Silver Age Character(s)? 

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Kenny Gordon
Artist | Varied
United States
An Illustrator, screenwriter, and coffee addict that's not above accepting Frappuccino® as a delicious method of payment.

I write paragraphs... a lot.


Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 12:05 PM

Patreon used to scare me...

Not the site itself, but just the crazy idea of starting one. It’s one of those things that run like Kickstarter except there’s a difference in frequency. Kickstarter is a one time donation while Patreon is set up like a monthly subscription. Both are great for funding projects and I actually signed up with one particular Patreon project, but I had to pull out due to a financial crisis (I’m broke as shit). In a perfect world, I would sign up for more. I like the concept behind Patreon, but the fear crept up on me when I considered starting one of my own.

Sometimes these things turn into a game of “Who Gives A Flying Fuck” and I’m terrible at it.  On the other hand, my recent attempt at eBay gave me a little bit of confidence. I at least know that complete strangers dig my art (all five of them---hahaha!). Despite that, I’m just a wreck when it comes to anticipation, expectations, projections, and so on.  The question is: If I open up a Patreon account, will anybody give a damn?

There’s only one way to find out. Most importantly, it all depends on the strength of the project(s) presented. “Does it have legs to stand on? Is it worth donating to? What kind of rewards should I give out?” So many bloody questions, but it’s worth exploring.

The older I get the more I regret not jumping into things---taking the leap of faith. Once you get kicked in the balls enough times by life, you learn to be cautious. With that said, I believe my nuts are safe with Patreon. The worst that could happen is that no one donates---no one gives a shit and my nuts remain in mint-condition. Of course, my feelings would be hurt, but that’s something I can get over the next time I go bar-hopping or when I finally see Guardian of the Galaxy. The foreseeable result is that I would have just a handful of backers (all five of them), which is perfectly acceptable for an artist that's unknown. I used to fear that my endeavors would only interest a few people, but that’s how everybody starts and Patreon is the perfect place for growth. The best thing that could happen---the level 99 fantasy---is an overwhelming amount of support by the hundreds. I’m not holding my breath for that scenario, but I would never know unless I make that jump.

When I’m on my death bed or lying in some ditch, not starting a Patreon will be off my list of regrets. However, I’m already regretting that I won’t be able to have ComicBookGirl19’s hand in marriage.  Oh, the pain… the pain.

That's why God invented Whisky.



Stray coming from Action Lab by sean-izaakseJet Dancer: Dance 1 by Dualmaskmakani by MoritzMaibaumShinobi Ninja Princess Poster by martheusThe Thing commission by Morganza

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I'm reserving space on my wall for these prints.


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I need folk like you to inspire me to improve my work and production. 

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